Guitar Strap Guide

How to Select the Right Personalized Guitar Strap


Custom guitar straps are for those who hold the musical instrument dear to their heart. But what's the problem with the standard straps that come with the guitar during purchase? Standard guitar straps may not be ideal for every player. The need to use personalized guitar straps stems from the desire for optimal comfort and projection of a player's unique style when playing the musical instrument.


When planning on buying guitar straps at that are customized to your needs, it helps to start by looking at what options may be available, particularly based on what other guitar players may be using. There's nothing like a one-size-fits-all when it comes to the selection of the perfect guitar strap, but what your friends are using and finding comfortable for sustained playing may provide some inspiration.


For example, many people that want to avoid shoulder or arm pain due to prolonged playing time require cool guitar straps that are padded well. Padding provides some cushion against your skin under the strain of the guitar's weight.


Another important custom feature to consider is length of the strap. Typically, 32 to 52 inches is the range of length you may expect for most custom guitar straps. If you can adjust the strap's length to match your height and positioning, comfort levels while playing the guitar will be enhanced.


Likewise, consider strap width when specifying your custom design requirements. Again, this depends on exactly what you want for the comfort of your shoulders. Some guitar players love wider straps as they feel more comfortable on their shoulder. Still, others prefer thinner straps because they're lighter and less conspicuous.


Don't forget to look at the appearance of your guitar straps when you need it to match your personal style. To define your style, start by considering the strap's construction material. An antique feel may come from a leather strap, for instance. But other guitar players prefer polyester, nylon, or vinyl straps.


Other custom features to consider for cool guitar straps include color and text. Do you want multiple colors for the straps or just one plain color from one end to the other? Similarly, do you need to write any fancy notes or message on your guitar straps?


Personalized guitar straps provide both aesthetic and functional benefits to a player. As you consider what guitar straps to buy, take into account custom options that can ensure optimal comfort for your shoulder and arm.